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In the former warehouse, Officina Ventura, in via Ventura 14, Ikea opens the Festival Ikea “Let’s make room for life”. 4-9 April, 10 am-8pm.

Ikea redefines the room where everyday life happens: the living room! According the contemporary needs the living room today must be multifunctional.

In 3,000 square meters of exhibition you can experience wonderful installations: the living/artist’s studio, the super Nordic studio apartment, the living room of the plants passionate and the one where the Nordic colors blend with the Japanese atmosphere!ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-2 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-3 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-4 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-5 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-12 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-13 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-16ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-15 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-18

You can see the latest news from various collaborations among those the one with the Danish company Hay and the one with the British designer Tom Dixon.

I’m already crazy about new pink armchairs and cupboards in “Vienna straw” … don’t worry, you can already buy something in special edition!

And then you can have fun on the slide, charge your phone, relax on one of the many (and brand new) sofas, try the Swedish meatballs with Italian flavor, watch a robot-artist, participate to workshops and attend speeches. A week full of events!

ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-6 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-9 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-10 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-11 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-17 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura-19 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura.7 ikea-fuorisalone-ventura ikea-fuorisalone-ventura8

I leave you with some pictures of the six new collections arriving in Ikea stores! I can’t wait!
There is also a new version of Bestå door! One world: color!
FLUIDHOME_-fuorisalone-ikea IKEA_AVSIKTLIG-fuorisalone IKEA_BJÖRKSNÄS-fuorisalone IKEA_FLOTTEBO-fuorisalone IKEA_STOCKHOLM-fuorisalone IKEA_STUNSIG-fuorisalone IKEA_VEDBO-fuorisalone IKEA_VIMLE-fuorisalone

Festival Ikea, Officina Ventura 14, via privata Giovanni Ventura 14, Lambrate.
4-9 April 10am-20pm.

Don’t forget that Ikea has another Fuorisalone event: Tom Dixon – Ikea Film Festival, Teatro Manzoni, via Manzoni 42 (4-8 April 11am-8pm / 9 April 11am-4pm).


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