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Wood crates, wire coat hangers from dry cleaner, cardboards, some paint and a lot of imagination!

This is a do-it-yourself project that I couldn’t wait to show you, it went immediately among my all-time favorites: a DIY ice cream cart! The perfect summer must-have for kids!

The greatest satisfaction is using recycled materials such as fruit crates, old cardboard undercakes (which, for some reason, I keep) or the metal hangers from the dry cleaner.

You can find the entire supplies list ant the step by step tutorial on the Curver’s blog.

The ice cream stand was greeted with great enthusiasm and is much loved. Ice cream stand but also lemonade stand or greenery shop or whatever!

Children have much more imagination than us, a wooden fruit box was already a shop, but now it’s a beautiful ice cream stand!

I made the “wheels” from old cardboard undercakes on which I simply drew rims and tires, while the dry cleaner hangers proved to be perfect for supporting the colored cardboard curtain!

The final touch was the curtain made with a recycled cardboard base covered with colored cardboard. You could also add a string of lights… it would be really perfect!

You can find the entire tutorial on Curver’s blog.

Blog post in collaboration with Curver.