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The renovation of a period home transforms the dated interior into a welcoming, modern home with a budget-conscious eye.

Actually, we’ve already been to this beautiful house, do you remember the blog post “How to design an Ikea kitchen and make it look like an expensive custom-made kitchen”?

Luke and Joanne McClelland are the architects behind this project and owners of the house. Their goal was to transform the historic interiors of an old Georgian-era terraced house in Edinburgh into a modern, welcoming and light-filled home.

Luke and Joanne met while studying architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. After eight years of living in a small apartment in London (where Luke also worked for Foster + Partners), they returned to Scotland looking for more space.

When they bought the apartment a couple of years ago, it was in a poor state of repair.

Proper exposure and organization of spaces:

The primary living space faced due north and received very little direct sunlight. The first major change was the reorganization of the spaces to make the most of natural light.
Luke and Joanne created two large open-plan living areas: the kitchen area with the dining table and the living room area. These two areas enjoy south-north exposure.
They create a fluid path between the spaces of the living area.

The charm of time

With great attention, the original elements of the old Georgian-era have been recovered such as the slim pine floorboards, cornices, and coving.

Luke and Joanne as architects often work on projects with large budgets, what they tried to recreate in their home the tailor-made aesthetic with a modest budget.

The minimalist aesthetic and the ability to mix Nordic design and vintage pieces, has created welcoming, elegant and sophisticated interiors.

Color palette:

The sophisticated touch is given by the wise choice of an unexpected color palette. To fill the space with light they choose white walls and natural wooden floors, black details give the elegant and “design” touch. The only note of color, which is declined in all the rooms, is the forest green, a dark, modern, and trendy shade. An accent of color gives balance, unity, and character to the whole environment.

Textures, materials, and colors embrace every room reflecting the minimalist aesthetic they love.
Imagine walking through the various rooms, the eye is gently attracted by the fine details and the consistent palette will immediately give you a tidy and relaxed feeling.

Project by Luke McClelland, Photo Zac and Zac