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Søstrene Grene is a Danish shop of wonders founded in Aarhus in 1973 by the sisters Inger and Knud, and the name means “Grene sisters “.

It is one of the magic places of the Nordic style, here you find home accessories, kitchenware, stationery, interior furnishings and much more in pastel colors and essential lines.

There are 183 Søstrene Grene stores, 55 in Denmark, 42 in Norway, 25 in Germany, 23 in France, 11 in the Netherlands, even 4 in Japan, 2 in Iceland, 1 even in the Faroe Islands but … none in Italy.
Why, why? It’s true that the Japanese style can be more Nordic than the Scandinavian, but why we don’t deserve a Søstrene Grene store too?!
Let’s start a petition, collect signatures, join forces!

The closest stores to Italy are in Zurich and Monaco: the richest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Principality of Monaco… what does Søstrene Grene do there?!
Oh yes, because in all this I didn’t mention a detail… prices are super cheap!! Swiss people do not need it, the Monegasques neither!

And now I leave you with some images from the new catalog, let’s feel together a bit ‘of Spring air and a crazy desire to buy everything!

Do you want a price example? Did you notice the wonderful pink bench? It costs €73.63! There is not even the online shop…

Please, open Søstrene Grene in Italy!