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Among the works planned for our home renovation there are also great changes in the kitchen. We will not change the whole kitchen but we will add a new twist to it.

Are you wondering how we are going to do great things without changing it? We are going to work with details, they can really change the entire style of the space!

Our kitchen is a simple Ikea model with shiny lacquered fronts. Of course, if Ikea hadn’t changed the model, I would certainly have taken into great consideration the possibility of changing all the cabinets fronts – but this is no longer among our options.

I asked myself: what can I change to give a new style to my kitchen without changing it?

  • Handles
  • Worktop
  • Sink
  • Tap
  • Splashback

Let’s start with handles: they seem a negligible detail and are often chosen quickly but I assure you that they can really change your kitchen style.

There are so many choices, shapes, styles and materials.
They can be vertical, horizontal, with flat or hollow groove, minimal, country style, metallic detail, opaque, glossy, wooden, leather, ceramic, industrial style, colored, in steel, they can just miss or be simple knobs.
The only thing you have to consider before changing your handles will be the distance between the holes in your fronts.
Once you find the right size it will be easy replace them.
If you already have a handle and then two holes in the cabinet, you will have to replace with another handle, if instead you have a knob (better if not at the center of the door) you can make another hole and switch to a handle.

Ulrik Foss via Clem around the corner

Where can you find the most beautiful handles and at good prices? You can contact the retailer where you bought your kitchen, you can find them from Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Brico, well supplied hardware and obviously online.
As always it seems that the American market is much more provided but after a lot of researches – I wanted them simple, linear, minimal and mat – we found them on Amazon!

The amazing handles and knobs Östernäs by Ikea in leather and steel

If you just want to change the color of the handle (or knob), you can also simple repainting (spray will be more practical!) diy yours.

If you are looking for knobs, take a look to Zara Home, Prettypegs, Maisons du Monde and Superfront.

Changing handles is a small investment (of course, depending on which handles you choose), you can get away with a few euro each, and I assure you that they will change the look and style of your kitchen!


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