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Wreath, wreath, wreath: the most beautiful and famous decoration of all. Long live the Christmas wreaths but not only at Christmas!
Garlands can be a home decoration for all year round. Think how nice would be to create a new one at the beginning of each season!

A trick to make a wreath that lasts long: use dried flowers!
Don’t worry about the dust, you can use the hairdryer, just be careful that the air is not too hot and not too strong.

To create an original wreath I used an old bicycle wheel!
On the Curver blog, you will find the entire tutorial explained step by step.

To make the wreath I used dried flowers and eucalyptus leaves as greenery to add a great scent too. In addition, the eucalyptus resists a lot and dries perfectly maintaining its shape and color.
To achieve the same result you can also use branches of rosemary, myrtle, laurel, or fir. The olive branches, even if they do not smell, lend themselves very well to act as a base in garlands and the delicate color matches perfectly with every color.

I wanted to create a wreath that smelled of autumn, so I chose a neutral color palette warmed by orange and yellow tones.

Here are the dried flowers I used:

Yellow yarrow, orange safflower and alkekengi, white cotton flowers, reed plumes and white static flowers.

A curiosity about safflower:

Safflower is also called false saffron because it has properties very similar to saffron, a spice that is much more valuable.
Its petals are used only once dried and can be used in the kitchen to prepare “yellow” risotto, as a less valuable substitute for saffron.
Safflower has been known since ancient times: the bandages of Egyptian mummies were often dyed in yellow with the petals of the safflower!
The safflower plant is a very rustic and easy to grow plant, it resists dryness but also temperatures down to -7 °!
Everyone let’s plant safflower!

You can find the entire tutorial on the Curver blog.

Blog post in collaboration with Curver.