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The Christmas tree base is often ugly, to not ruin your decoration you can find a way to hide or decorate it.

I have collected here for you 13 inspirations that will hide perfectly the base of your Christmas tree also adding a touch of style and décor.

1. Gifts

When under your tree there will will be full of packages the base will be perfectly hide. You can fix right away by putting some “fake gifts”. Use some boxes and paper bags, you can easily decorate them with washi tape and ribbons in the colors of your decorations.

2. Tartan blanket

It will add a touch of Country Style and a little bit of  charme from the English countryside!


Photo Liz Marie

3. Knitting Wool

Do you like knit? Choose a thick yarn and do some super trendy arm-knit, this will be your perfect solution!

4. Wooden box

Look for them in vintage market or use shipping boxes.

5. Woden basket

You can find them in many sizes. Ikea € 16,99

6. Faux Fur

Blanket and rug in faux fur will add a Nordic touch to your Christmas tree! Ikea € 4,99


Photo Pier1

7. “Snow”

You can create snow using cotton wool rolls. For a surprise effect hide under the “snow” a string of lights!

8. Christmas treen skirt

Christmas tree skirt is the traditional way to hide the base. You can find them on-line: Amazon da € 4,50 or Coincasa.

9. Vintage props

Use vintage props for a very stylish result. It will give an original touch to your Christmas tree!

10. Base cover

You can find them in garden centers, they are simple cones made to mask the base of the tree. They come in different sizes and heights. Viridea

11. Wooden fruit box

Brand new or vintage, you can choose this solution for your tree. You can also decide to paint them. Ikea €14,99

12. Minimalist

If you want a Minimalist Christmas tree you can choose to leave the tree stand without cover but choose a nice one like this metal star shape € 30

Foto Stylizimo

Photo Stylizimo

13. Galvanized bucket

Old and vintage galvanizeed bucket will add a touch of Country Style to your Christmas decoration!

What is your favorite solution to hide the unsightly Christmas tree stand?