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I’m Alessandra. I am Gucki!

I’m curious. I would like to learn a new thing every day. I am interested in pretty much anything, and would love to know everything! I am addicted to the web.

I have a Bachelor degree in History of Art and a Postgraduate in Interior Design. Design is one of my greatest passions. I always have tons of ideas and I am an enthusiast! I can’t sit still!

I am married, and my husband is my better half; he has made all this possible and is the best travel mate.

I am from Milan, Italy, but dream about California.

Gucki is my eyes and voice since 2013.

But… who is Gucki?

The name Gucki comes from a book. I was looking for the perfect blog name and one day I found it! Gucki is the nickname of Anna Mahler, the daughter of Gustav Mahler, composer and orchestra conductor, and Alma Schindler. Alma Schindler was one of the most dynamic women of the XX Century. Her drawing room became the place to be of the artistic scene, first in Vienna, then in Los Angeles. Derived from the German language, Gucki is an endearing term that means “little observer”.
It was love at the first sight! Anna lived in a very important historical time, as she observed and witnessed events from the front row.

I am Gucki: I observe everything, and don’t miss any details. Here, you can find my point of view plus lots of colors, glue, and paper. This is my kind of thing!

Details make the difference! Small things have the charm of big things! Small things do make me happy!

Gucki is cheerfulness, color, passion for design.

Gucki is where I collect and post what I am passionate about.

Here, you can read daily about design, travels, lifestyle, photography, recipes and fun DIY projects.

Follow me and… let’s have fun together!

have fun

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