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Yeah, let’s face it, at one point the magic of the birthday day disappears. Where did that magical atmosphere end? I tell you… getting older it disappears!
I can not even tell you how many years I’m turning today, surely many more than I feel, so… better drink something!

I’m not a big drinker but sometimes I like it and today is one of those days. Let’s have a drink together! I suggest you a light cocktail, perfect in this late Summer (today I’m getting older, do not also let me admit that Summer is over!) with gin and berries.


Gin and berry cocktail

35 ml gin
20 ml blackberry juice succo di mirtilli (or liqueur if you like)
1 sugar teaspoon
15 ml lemon juice
seltz or tonic water
ice and some flavored ice cubes
lemon zest and some berries for decoration

I’m not an expert of cocktail or liqueur but I do love this gin bottle, Monkey 47 and it’s also one of the best gin in the world! It’s really flavored by 47 “botanicals” plants and herbs, you should taste it plain – my husband recommends it for a real great Gin Tonic – but for my toast I would like a more feminine cocktail, with red fruits and berries that I love.

Shake gin with ice, sugar and lemon juice and pour it into a glass with other ice and add the blueberry juice. Some berries and the lemon zest will complete the decoration!

Happy birthday to me, cheers!