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When we decided to renovate our house I wanted to add pastel colors to our “total white” and brass details to light up and warm the rooms.

We have an open living area with the kitchen, for this reason we decided to make some changes also in here.

Before adding brass details I needed to remove all the steel elements from our kitchen: handles, sink, tap…


I do not know why but the kitchen faucet always has a particular story here… when we bought the house in 2011, the first thing we bought was the tap! At the time we had chosen without hesitation Hjuvik by Ikea (today Hjuvik is definitely out of stock out). We bought it on the first day of sales and we had paid 50% less! I can not tell you how happy we were of our first purchase!

This time I look for a simple tap, no steel. If you do not want the steel what can you choose? Instagram and Pinterest are full of beautiful brass taps:

Kitchen &Shufl

Kitchen &Shufl

Kitchen &Shufl

After various and painful thoughts I decided to choose the dark side… no brass tap for my kitchen, I chose black!
My oven and microwave have steel details that I can not change. With the anxiety that brass and steel would punch each other, I’ve chosen a more easy and Scandi style black tap.

Kitchen &Shufl

Kitchen Ikea

13 simple and minimal kitchen taps in matt black:

1. Hudson Reed 2. Piralla Saturno, Bricoman €55,90 3. Dove, Elleci 4. Essence, Grohe 5. Glittran, Ikea €119 6. Manomano €147 7. Teorema, Bricoman €86 8. Paffoni Ringo, Deghi Shop €124 9. Ambient, Franke 10. Giava, Leroy Merlin €79,50 11. Renix, Leroy Merlin €79,90 12. Wall faucet, Light in the Box €73,68 13. Kube, Elleci

Can you guess which one I’ve chosen? 😉

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