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In my opinion, the dining table is a fundamental element of the home. Here is where I spend the most part of my life: from breakfast to dinner, I always eat here, I sit here when I’m working or reading, I cook here and all my do-it-yourself projects are made here. Essentially when I’m not on the couch, I’m sitting at the dining table.

“But do not you have a desk or a studio?” you’re probably wondering… of course, I have it but my dining table is the most comfortable place: it is right in front of the windows, the light is perfect here, it is close to the refrigerator (important detail!), near the TV, the sofa… it has a real strategic location.

Among the best purchases we made when we furnished the house there is without no doubt my beloved table: we didn’t know which table choose (and we hadn’t much time to do great research) so we went on an easy pick with Ikea. We had chosen a white extendable Bjursta, € 180 very well spent. Perfect choice. Closed it measures 175cm, open 260cm, here we had hundreds of dinners with lots of friends (we ate in 18 at this table!).
But now with the home restyling it’s time to say goodbye to it and change table. Here the big dilemma: which table choose?

There are so many brands and so many tables but yet it seems that no one has all the requirements that I would like.
I am facing my fears for natural wood (fears because of our “intrusive” parquet) and trying to think beyond the repetitive white. For convenience I would like an extendable table, I would like it to match with our Kartell Masters chairs, I want it rectangular, or maybe even oval (definitely not a roundtable, it would take up too much space)… Modern? Vintage?
A very difficult choice.

Photo @odilepp

Stylist Charlotte Huguet, photo Louise Desrosiers, Milk Decoration

What if the perfect table doesn’t exist? We could build it by ourselves! Do not imagine to have to be a master carpenter, online there are wonderful websites that can help us!

3 online shops selling legs for do-it-yourself tables


In addition to legs, knobs and the new fronts to hack Ikea furniture, the Swedish Prettypegs also offer legs to create tables and consoles,  you have just to pick your favorite color and style!


From France Tiptoe help us to create do-it-yourself furniture. Shelves, complete furniture and tables: we can create our own style and customize our home with unique pieces.


Floyd from the US allows us to build beds, tables, stools and furniture without even requiring any tools! They have all you need: birch wood table top and steel legs. I’m in love with this pink powder version …

It will be a very difficult choice…


Photo cover Floyd