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Colors have magical powers, they can transform a room, an entire home, our mood. We can wear a color that suites us or choose a totally wrong one (beige is forbidden to me, my mom always told me!).

Choosing the right colors for your home is also crucial. The color palette is the first choice to make, the first trick all the stylists recommend.

For my wardrobe, I’m always inspired by my dedicated Pinterest board, I’ve been religiously sticking to strips-white-black-gray-pink and burgundy-touches because my goal is the “velcro technique”, as my friend Sara defines it: you’ll throw yourself into the closet without even turning on the light and whatever you find will be fine!

But for the house it’s all another story. Here color is essential! I think I’m in my blue period, I love the dusty tones, relaxed and deep, I dream them for the bedroom. But now I’m in the middle of a huge crisis…  what do we think about sage? If I choose it in a year I will think “too 2017”?


My only certainty is that I want quartz *, the hard part is that both the dusty blue and the sage are perfect with it. So my certainty does not help me in the choosing process.

[*Pro trick: nominate “pink” to your beloved half and he will feel his manhood humiliated and he will fight it with all the strength. Replace “pink” with “quartz” and he will not notice anything… Filippo is good at colors but his subconscious is no longer threatened by “quartz”!]rosa quarzo rosa quarzo tessuto

These wonderful photos from Romo, an English brand of home textiles, throw me into total confusion. In particular, the new Linara line, cotton-linen blend (also washable, and we do love this detail as we are a bit desperate housewives!) with a color palette of 360 shades. Practically I could change idea every day for a year!

Struggle with me and daydream on these photos… whether you love colors or neutral shades.


Photo Romo