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Winter is coming, frost and snow are a challenge to the birds that remain in the city. We can help them with some little expedient!

” I was wondering where the ducks go when the Central Park lagoon got all icy and frozen?”

This is what the hero of The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger, wonders about. But where do the birds go in winter? Some species such as sparrows, finches, titmice, robins and blackbirds do not migrate and remain in the city. How can we help them overcome the coldest time of the year?

During the cold months birds need mainly food and a safe nest. We can help with small things: if you have a garden, a balcony or even a window sill, you can put, or make diy, feeders or bird houses. Just be careful to put them in calm and quite places.


Wildlife Garden – €54


Beautiful bird houses by Wildlife Garden. Starting from €45,50


Modern bird house Wildlife Garden €54,50

Picture of WG350 Birdfeeder with bath white in environment with bird. Mounted on pole

Feeder Wildlife Garden, modern architecture! €69


Glass feeder Eva Solo, Finnish Design Shop, €39,90

What do birds eat? The food should be natural, not salty or spicy and free of chemical additives. The bread is not particularly suitable, because it does not provide the necessary fat but merely gives a feeling of bloating.
Do you want to prepare something with your own hands? Here’s a recipe:

peanuts (unsalted)
sunflower seeds

Melt margarine in a saucepan, add crumble biscuits and chopped peanuts, seeds and dried fruits and mix well. Pour the cream margarine and seeds in a plastic jar (yogurt jars are perfect) and wait for the mixture to solidify. Take the dough out of the jar and form a ball with the hands. Now just put the “fat ball” in a small net such the one that contains citrus fruits and hang it to a tree branches or a bush.

Casetta uccelli viridea

House bird – Viridea – €9,90


Photo Songbirdgarden.com – 1-800-flowers.com – Bestnest.com


Photo Plow & Hearth – Homedit.com


House bird – Viridea


SongbirdGarden.com – Indulgy.com

You can buy amazing bird houses but birds during winter won’t be demanding, even a diy nest made from what you find at home will be very appreciated!


Pumpink bird houses – HousePut.comHello Hanna

If you like diy you can create the most amazing bird houses! This is actually inspired to the Grand Budapest Hotel. I told you about it here.


Photo Hildas

You can buy “fat ball” in pet shops and supermarkets, perfect for the birds diet in winter months. They are easy to hang on branches of trees and small bushes.

And about the water? The birds also love to get wet in the winter. A saucer will be perfect to guarantee a bit ‘of water to drink and bath! But remember to change it every day.


Cinciarella fotografata da Jens Dahlin – Fat ball, Viridea €2,50×6