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You do have for sure old objects that you don’t use anymore. Don’t throw them away, turn them into pots for succulent plants! An easy and fun creative recycling project!

I’ve kept for years an old moka pot waiting for the right idea: I’ve turned it into an unusual and fun succulent pot! I made it during a very nice workshop I had with the Italian Magazine CasaFacile and Iper. A very simple and low cost project: you’ll give your old objects a second life.

What you need
Something to recycle
expanded clay or loose gravel
succulent plants

First thing to do: find a container or an object that you do not longer use, more unexpected it is better will be the result, we are talking about creative recycling!
Then get some succulent.

Prepare your pot: you can decide to drill the bottom but keep in mind that succulent need very little water!

To avoid water stagnation put some expanded clay at the bottom of the pot and add some soil.

Free roots from soil (if the soil is dry the process will be much quicker and easier) and begin your composition. Try to make it nice and packed, the result will be better and do not worry about the plants: they need little soil.
riciclo-creativovasi-fai-da-te-piante-grassepiante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te riciclo-caffettiera-piante

Best thing of succulent plants is that they propagate very easily:  you can take little pieces and add them directly to your composition. Detach a sprig and it will make new roots. Sedum plants are the best for this!

Mix heights and colors of plants and you’ll composition will be very nice!

piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-2 piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-3piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-5 piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-6 piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-7 piante-grasse-vasi-fai-da-te-8

Voilà, here’s how I turned my old coffee pot and a small watering can into very nice succulent pots!