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I guarantee great satisfaction from this DIY but it requires some patience as the first steps are a bit laborious!

A little patience and a cutter will be useful to transform old books into a pencil holder or plant holder with a DIY Christmas tree!

Choose a glass jar (I used the an old glass by Nutella), overlap some old books until you reach the height of the jar.
Now you will have to choose if create the hole in a central or off-center position. I liked to create a more asymmetrical result.

Now comes the most complicated part: after drawing the circumference of your jar, mark the center and make a hole with the drill. My advise is to repeat the operation for each book, checking the position from time to time. Now proceed with the cutter and lot of patience, the hard covers will be the most difficult parts but be patient and don’t rush!

Glue the books together and put the jar in!

You can find the entire tutorial on the Curver’s blog.

I had a lot of fun in this project, cutting the books was a bit of a mind-clearing Zen exercise!

This DIY comes from the idea of creating an original pen holder to leave in plain sight on the desk but it can also be a beautiful vase holder. I had another idea: turn it into a last minute and obviously do-it-yourself Christmas tree!

Last minute DIY Christmas tree

I used a floral foam and some branches of the cypress from the garden. The trick is to fill the entire base keeping the lower branches outside to recreate the shape of the tree and get a better effect.

After decorating it with Christmas decorations, another idea came to me: add some fake snow but making it DIY with something I already had at home…

How to make fake snow using two things you surely already have at home: shaving foam and baking soda.

Just mix baking soda and shaving foam and you will get a perfect powder to recreate the fake snow with a plus: it smells good!

You can find the entire tutorial, step by step on the Curver’s blog.

Post in collaboration with Curver.