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Green is the color that always comes back.

In the last 5 years two shades of green were Pantone colors of the year, Emerald in 2013 and Greenery in 2017.

Whether it is clear or in the darker tones, green always appears among the trends.

In these years where velvet is a real protagonist in the interior the darker shades of green are playing the main role.
When we talk about green we can’t miss the magical sage shade. A true passpartout that is perfect with everything and matches with all styles, from the Nordic style to the Shabby and the more modern style. With pink, velvet and brass touches, sage is the prince of the most glamorous and rétro style.

In the magical world of Pinterest I’ve found myself saving and pinning many photos of green kitchens.
Note it down because it will not be a coincidence: green in the kitchen is the new black! From lighter tones to darker ones, from modern kitchens to more classic and country styles… green is the new kitchen trend!

Here you can find some proofs:

with &Shufl you can totally change your Ikea cabinets

with &Shufl you can totally change your Ikea cabinets

with &Shufl you can totally change your Ikea cabinets

I must say that I like it a lot. It seems to me a neutral choice. Green offers a thousand possibilities of combination and is perfect for every surface: walls, furniture, tiles, materials…

I feel it, this is a new trendy and when you’ll find it even in the Ikea catalogue I hope you will remember my prediction!

Photo cover Rachel Khoo’s kitchen, deVOL Kitchens