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Are you passionate about programs like Property Brothers or Fixer Upper? Do you dream of hammer down walls?
I do! Those TV programs (I love Chip and Joanna!) hypnotize me! My favorite part is obviously the demolition! Certainly the American houses built entirely of wood allow you to work on the house diagram freely and simply. A mace or a well-placed kick is enough to knock down walls. With our concrete houses it’s not really that simple. But the demolition moments must be an excellent stress relief therapy!

Another dream is buying for a little money a house that needs care and give it a second life and transform it just as you dream it!

Now you can try the chance to take a bad shape building and renovate it for fun! House Flipper is a videogame that will entertain you… first thing you choose the property, than you have to get rid and demolish what you want, then you’ll furnish, decorate and sell it. Just like TV programs!

This new video game only works on computers (Windows and Mac OS X) and costs € 13.43. A small investment to have fun without mortgages and it can be an excellent gym for practicing as an interior decorator!