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Are you looking for the perfect investment? This is a huge opportunity: buy and live in a house designed by nothing less than Frank Lloyd Wright, the god of all architects and the prince of ornament, practically a dream!

Among the amazing things that happen in America, it also happens that you can find a property like this on the market.
The Whiteford-Haddock House in Michigan, is a 120 square foot home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on a 10 acre lot. Wright designed it in 1939 (but it was built only 40 years later) following the “usonian” principles developed in the post-war period. The “Usonian Houses” are the evolution of the Prairie Houses and are based on the principle: for each man his style and for each site an appropriate project. The structures of this period often have an L-shaped plan for a simple lifestyle.

Wood and bricks, left unpainted in their natural color and texture, are the only décor of the architecture. Ornamentation is minimal, the space is designed to be functional, without frills.

I leave you some other photos in case you want to make a real estate investment in Ann Arbor, near Detroit!

Photos Ryan Halsey – On sale via The Barrett Group