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There are projects that amaze you, they usually come from a simple idea but every one of them has its revolutionary uniqueness. Pa-Rete is one of these!

Pa-Rete is a project by the milanese studio 23Bassi, it is a multifunctional system that can be customized at low cost.
In Italian “parete” means “wall” and it contains the word “rete” which means “mesh”, in particular we are speaking of electro-welded mesh, an inexpensive industrial element.

It’s easy to find made-to-measure solutions in 23Bassi’s projects.
Made-to-measure projects transform the designer into a kind of “a tailor” of domestic space.
I had a beautiful chat with Chiara Frigerio of 23Bassi, here’s how the idea was born:

“One day we came up with an idea: why not try to create a bespoke furniture with already existing production elements designed with other purposes?”

This idea gives us the possibility to create a tailor-made solution at low cost. “So we started looking at the electro-welded sheet metal, usually used for the consolidation of floors, with new eyes!”

The electro-welded mesh is an economical but two-dimensional product, by combining various components 23Bassi studio transformed it into a parallelepiped, a volume that can be placed on the floor, ceiling, or wall.

“The adaptability of Pa-Rete is so evident that we used onto the space that is usually the most wasted in any home: the stairwell!

This is not the first time that 23Bassi have used the electro-welded mesh in this way, even in their studio they have a bookcase made just like that. “Usually large bookcases have significant costs, in this way we have, with a limited budget, a large bookcase that can also become a space organizer, while the light can pass through it! “.

Design and shape can be easily customized and the iron mesh can be painted in any color.
If you paint it in the same color as the walls, it becomes a very light element, almost invisible, or on the contrary, if you paint it in a bright, even bold color, it can become a statement piece of furniture!

“You can easily buy many accessories created to be hung helping our Pa-Rete respond to your needs. In this historical moment, the pandemic requires our homes to adapt to our new needs, also the projects must be able to adapt and evolve over time, becoming multi-purpose and user-adjustable. “

I’m really interested in how our homes are changing in response to the pandemic, I asked Chiara, from 23Bassi studio, if their design process has changed after Covid-19: “more than the approach to the project, is changed the awareness of customers for their homes. Since last year’s lockdown, we have been receiving many requests from people who want to improve their homes. We have noticed that today our customers are more aware of their needs and are willing to invest more especially in lighting and air conditioning systems, now perceived more as fundamental elements than accessories. Another great hit in the requests is certainly the kitchen! “

As we have said many times, Covid has certainly made us more aware of our needs and requirements, the home has been invested with new responsibilities and functions.

My last question to Chiara was “what cannot be missing in a home today?” “I could say a great kitchen but I’ll tell you the truth: the doors!”
Yes, the doors because in this year of smart working we have understood the importance of having our own spaces, where we can isolate ourselves and concentrate to work, study but also just to relax. After decades of demolishing walls looking for open spaces, we are back to building walls, maybe “movable”, which can be removed if necessary, in order to live this intense coexistence more peacefully.

Thank you very much to Chiara and Andrea from 23Bassi, for letting me tell you about this beautiful project and for maybe the most beautiful and sincere chats of the entire year!

Project and photos by 23Bassi