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Can you fall in love with a carpet? I really think so! When I saw the new rugs designed by Paula Cademartori for Illulian, I was amazed.

I have a passion – almost an obsession – for irregularly and organic shaped rugs. I’ve been dreaming of one for my home for a very long time but I can’t find it (a mix of searching for the right colors and the budget). Organic shape is a big trend for rugs, they are going increasingly in the direction of breaking the classic “rectangle”.

These in particular are part of the Eclectic Yard collection, a Limited Edition line by Illulian, a renowned brand in the production of luxury rugs.
Hyperdecorative textures, pastel colors, unusual shapes, and exotic flowers, we can find here all the ingredients to discover the colorful and tropical world of the Brazilian fashion designer Paula Cademartori. This is her first rug collection.

We are talking about very fine hand-knotted rugs made in Himalayan wool and natural silk dyed with vegetable colors.
I’ve read that the designer found inspiration in the interiors of 1950s Californian residences, this only confirmed the love I feel for these rugs.

These rugs have a density of 152,000 knots per square meter (there is an even more exclusive version with 180,000 knots per square meter). The density of the knots is a feature that makes us understand the value of the carpet and gives to the decoration a very natural and 3D effect.

Will our love remain impossible? I think so, but dreaming does not cost a thing!

Eclectic Yard, design Paula Cademartori for Illulian.