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Ikea presented the Spring news and I would love to point you out the new wooden fronts for kitchen cabinets.

We have already talked about how details can make the difference and how even within the budget, we can recreate the aesthetics of an expensive bespoke kitchen.

It was in the air for a while but now the ’70s mood is becoming more and more evident even among interior trends. In the kitchen, traditional materials and dark woods are going bold.
The new Sinarp fronts are veneered in dark oak with beautiful wooden veins, solid oak profiles frame the cabinets and add to the kitchen a precious detail.

The Hasslarp wooden front is designed to complete and enrich the Sinarp series. Hasslarp is decorated with a particular herringbone motif where the warm and variegated tones of dark wood let me think to exotic and precious essences.

The intense brown tone of the wood features natural variations in color and vainss, a detail that adds handcrafted charm to the final aesthetic.

These dark wood finishes are perfect for creating a modern, warm and welcoming environment. Perfectly in line with the trendiest kitchens on Pinterest and Instagram!

Which handle to choose on a dark wood cabinet? You can stay monochrome (like the finish chosen in the photos, very elegant!) to make the handle almost disappear or go in contrast with a brass handle to add a bright touch to the kitchen, in this case you will stick to the brass finish also for all the kitchen accessories like the faucet.

You don’t like dark wood? Ekestad front cabinets have the same profiles and veins as the Sinarp series but in light wood!

Style and simplicity, clean lines and essential shapes highlight the natural materials. Among the news from Ikea there are also home accessories in natural fibers, such as birch, bamboo and rattan.

Vårfint tray in bamboo and rattan, € 10
New kitchen storage system in birch and hemp Nereby, € 6

I like very much the beautiful new shade that tastes of spring chosen for the Rudsta cabinet. The natural mood also returns in the styling of the photo: textured walls, dark wood, touches of white, and many works of art (we’ll talk about this soon!)

A detail on Rudsta: the metal rear panel allows you to hang postcards and small objects with magnets… a fun idea to create decorative moodboard!

The 70s mood continues also in the new Älvstarr lampshade with a wavy shape and a chrome finish that winks at the Space Age design (note the combination in the photo with the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen!) and adds a decorative touch even when switched off!
The Älvstarr lampshade can be mounted both as a floor lamp and as a pendant, it is made of PET plastic. A curiosity: it was designed by the designer Paulin Machado, who is specialized in textile design: the shape in fact reminds of a ribbon!

Lampshade Älvstarr, €35

Photo Ikea