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Black is a huge trend in the interiors lately, the January issue of CasaFacile has shown it very well.

Not the ’80s black but the Scandinavian black is now in fashion. I know, saying “scandinavian-black” sounds weird. Thinking of Nordic style, you think of bright rooms with lots of white and light wood. Don’t take it wrong, Scandi have welcomed the black! Minimal, clean, opaque.

In particular I love black in the kitchen. Today I would choose a black and minimal kitchen. Mine is dark gray, I can resist to change everything!

I want to add some black details without changing the color of the furniture. One of those additions will be a lamp. I want a black wall lamp. Of those we have always put on desks and now they are a real trend in the kitchen.

Photo Frida Ramstedt Berättar, Trendenser, Ballingslöv.

This is the selection of black wall lamps I like most and for all budgets. There are giant sizes, little applique lamps, long arm and the classic “desk” lamp that can also be fixed to shelves and cabinets.

1. Edit, Studio Joanna Laajisto €314 2. Fortebraccio, Luceplan €303 3. Lampe de Marseille, Le Corbusier, Nemo Lighting, disponibile in più misure da €477 4. Hole a morsetto, Rossini Illuminazione 5. Nasketta, Fontana Arte €240 6. Lampe Gras N°210 €423,34 7. Tertial, Ikea €7,99 8. Lampe Gras N°214 9. Tolomeo, Artemide.

1. Townshed, Leroy Merlin €29,90 2. Applique de Marseille, Le Corbusier, Nemo Lighting €434 3. Ranarp, Ikea €19,90 4. Rise, Normann Copenhagen €150 5. Caravaggio, Lightyears €275 6. Arne Jacobsen, AJ, Louis Poulsen €610 7. Skit, Leroy Merlin €9,9, 8. America, Leroy Merlin €60 9. Birdy, Northern Lighting €244

1. Nendo per Louis Poulsen, NJP €390 2. Pholc, Bellman €620 3. Menu, Tribeca €259,90 4. House Doctor, CL0801 € 239,95 5. House Doctor, CB0211 €212 6. Charlotte Perriand, Potence Pivotante Mini, Nemo Lighting €428 7. House Doctor, CB0680 €159,95

It would be a really hard choice!

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