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You’ve probably have noticed mysterious glass jar in the most beautiful kitchens of the magical realm of Pinterest and Instagram where everything is perfect. Strange glass carafes, paper filters that give a touch of alchemist charm to the kitchen. What are they for? Coffee!

Brew coffee handmade using paper filter is a real philosophy! For a slow approach to life, to enjoy not only a good cup of coffee but also to appreciate the preparation moment with calm gestures, it’s almost like a pleasure ritual.

It’s called “pour over” coffee and it’s a different way of making coffee.
It starts with freshly ground coffee beans, for those who love this kind of coffee choosing the right blend is very important. You have to prepare the filter (I’ve just found out that it is essential to wash the filter with hot water before use it), put the right dose of coffee in it, boil the water and then pour over slowly on the coffee. The magic will happen in about 2 minutes, the water will slowly descend through the ground coffee, the filter will do its job and the coffee will start go down slowly.

This coffee is lighter than espresso but it’s not an American coffee or a double espresso. This way to prepare coffee is closer to the preparation of tea and infusions. It must not be a coincidence that among the most famous brands of filter coffee sets there are several Japanese companies. Japanese are masters of the tea ceremony and lovers of slow gestures. Abroad there are bars exclusively dedicated to this preparation.

After the United States, Northern Europe, Asia and Australia, pour over coffee is also spreading in Italy. Among the fans there is my dear Francesca from The Bluebird Kitchen, I asked her to tell us why she prefers it and what it means to her make a pour-over coffee:

“For me, coffee is a little ritual, I take just one coffee a day, in the morning as soon as I get up, slowly preparing myself for the day ahead. It is a moment for myself and it must be warm and long, as if it could stop the moment and extend it for as long as possible. That’s why I love filtered coffee, because it is lighter than espresso, it almost looks like an infusion, it lasts a long time and is the perfect drink to accompany me gently in a new day.”

Choosing filtered coffee is a bit like choosing a way of life, a slow rhythm, a slow living that allows us to find balance and energy. If you notice all the “Pinterest” kitchens in which we have spotted the tools to prepare this type of coffee, are inspired by nature, tradition, natural materials, lots of wood, plastic free, handmade ceramics, wooden chopping boards.

Photo Manual Brew Only by Kuraso_

Filter coffee kits are beautiful, minimal, light objects, choosing them means choosing a lifestyle or at least looking for it in the aesthetics.

Now I’m really curious to taste it and I’d love to have a jug for pour over coffee on one of my kitchen shelves!
There are beautiful filtered coffee kits, like the one from Ferm Living, you can find them from a few euros up to the most precious kits. Someone propose to make it do-it-yourself! This could be an excellent gift idea for Christmas, not just an object for the kitchen, but also a wish to slow down and choose a more balanced lifestyle. Imagine a nice box with the pour over kit and some blends!

Pour over kit from Ferm Living

Photo and DIY by Janneke Peters

If you are in Milan you can find several beautiful kits at the Starbucks Reserve store in Piazza Cordusio.

What do you think of filter coffee? Have you tasted it or are you already passionate about it?


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