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Marie Kondo has brought order into the world with her KonMari method. After the books and TV series on Netflix now she also opens an online shop where you will not only find accessories for tidying and organization but also décor and living objects, kitchen items, bathroom accessories… after all the tidying up eliminating things in order to simplify our lifes, now Marie helps us to “fill” a bit our homes with minimalist objects with a strong Japanese aesthetic, delicate and essential.

The KonMari philosophy, what Marie Kondo created is no longer considered just a method, it has spread as a true approach to life: she brought the architectural “less is more” into our lifes, we have to surround ourselves with objects that give us joy in order to create a clean, welcoming and serene environment. To encourage this, Marie often speaks about “clean” the air to rebalance the energy and… reorder thoughts too! To do this you will find in her shop, quartz stones, tuning forks and charcoal, a remedy from the Japanese tradition that Marie Kondo learned from her grandmother that can purify air and water. Baskets, books, containers, trays, teapots, Japanese tea, kitchen accessories, candelabra, incense holders… some extra ideas for Christmas gifts!


Photo KonMari.com