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New year means new resolutions, am I right? Every January I have my lists full of good intentions, sometimes I can proudly say “result achieved”, sometimes not.

This year I have no resolutions list, it is more a new attitude. Time and energy are very important so the word for my 2019 will be: simplify.

I want to try to simplify everything, starting from the grocery that I’m not able to do efficiently, going from the wardrobe through the entire house.

I have already done the first step: during these holidays I rearranged and reduced my wardrobe. I started from the idea of the capsule wardrobe, Francesca from The Bluebird Kitchen inspired me, I studied the Quasi Organizzata method discovering Project 333 (it means dressing for 3 months with 33 items all-in, clothes, shoes and accessories too). Let’s call it decluttering or just making some space, in the end I found myself with 5 huge bags of clothes to give away and 45 items of clothing in the closet. Yes, I did not hit the goal of 33 but in these 45 there is everything I have from jeans to sweaters, T-shirts and skirts to wear this winter (and there is also a smaller number of items for the summer!). A huge step forward considering the empty shelves that now look at me!
Some of the clothes that I decided not to keep went to some friends, others for charity and those that were too ruined in the recycling cans.

The goal is to make room for Tobia’s things – it’s amazing how much space these little ones require! – but also get rid of what is not needed.

I swear that the presence of Marie Kondo’s new series on Netflix is just a coincidence. In fact, I’ve watched a few episodes but I do not even like it. Maybe it’s just that the beginning of a new year always brings with it the desire for more organization.

Anyway, I do not want to stop here. I would also like to reduce my environmental impact. Less plastic, I am following Francesca from The Bluebird Kitchen in this too. I can not tell you how it is possible, but at home we produce a lot, too much plastic, every day. Packaging, packaging … everything seems to be sold with plastic packaging just to throw away. I will never be able to get to a plastic free life but at least I want to try to reduce it!

This is what I mean by “reducing in order to give back more”. Eliminate the unnecessary, make some decluttering, in order to be less stressed by the things and to be more relaxed and peaceful in everyday life with my family. Try to have a lower environmental impact, eliminate or at least reduce the plastic, make a more intelligent and respectful grocery, because our Planet is too good to be no-stop exploited!

Nothing extraordinary, just the desire to start with a fresh new attitude.
If you have any advice on how to do it or even just how to plan the weekly menu and make smart choices, I’m here all ears!