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A new hotel opened in Palmar, on the east coast of the island of Mauritius: Salt. It’s not just a regular resort but a real color experience guaranteed by the signature of the Anglo-French designer and artist Camille Walala.

Camille has become famous for her colorful patterns inspired by the Memphis ’80s colors, bold pink, blue, red and yellow, her imaginary made of geometric figures, polka dots and stripes is absolutely recognizable and charming.

No need to say how much I love the work of Camille, meet her at the last Fuorisalone and have a chat with her was wonderful!
p.s .: I met her in Ventura Centrale, I told you, Ventura events are really the ones not to be missed!

From London – where you can walk across her colorful crosswalk in Southwark Street, right behind the TATE Modern – Camille is bringing her art around the world with collaborations with brands (including Nintendo!), creating murals, cafè, pop-up store and now also a hotel for an immersive experience in her colors. This is the first time for Camille where her patterns do not just dress the walls but interact with the architecture pervading all the hotel’s design, 59 rooms and common areas, down to the smallest details.

Her colors are a vehicle for joy and a means of expressing positivity and energy, the white beaches and the crystalline sea of Mauritius will do the rest!

The work of Camille fits perfectly with the culture of the place as color is fundamental in the culture of Mauritius. The Salt hotel has been designed to be a champion sustainability, connect with the local community and introduce culturally curious travellers to the real, unvarnished Mauritius.

“Camille Walala’s relationship with colour is precisely the same as most Mauritians’ – for both, colour is a vehicle for joy and a means of expressing positivity. She is the ideal artist for SALT of Palmar; I must have been in the hotel 100 times as it developed over the last few months but, whenever I see them, her designs still make me smile.”  Paul Jones, CEO, The Lux Collective

Salt of Palmar is also Camille Walala’s first architectural collaboration. The entire work was inspired by Mauritius:

“I was blown away with how many vibrant and bold colours you find around the island. People paint their houses in the most amazing tones that really stand out against the lush tropical setting. From the emerald green of the plants to the ever changing colours of the sky, I wanted to marry these warm natural tones to my signature pop colours.” Camille Walala

No need to say that going there would be a dream… a super Instagram vacation ça va sans dire!

Photo Tekla Evelina Severin