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Who said that London is gray?
This weekend I went to London looking for colors with my Pantone postcards!

Pink, blue, yellow, blue and green … these are the colors I’ve found more but there are so many! You have just to know where to look for them!londra-muri-colorati-3 londra-muri-colorati-6 londra-muri-colorati-rosalondra-muri-colorati-4

What are the streets with most colorful houses and doors in London?

Here there are 7 places to go to find the most colorful walls and the famous doors:

  • Borough Market (London Bridge, Jubilee Line)londra-muri-colorati-2 londra-muri-colorati

  • Portobello Road

    londra-muri-colorati-10 londra-muri-colorati-portobello londra-muri-colorati.9

  • Denbigh Terrace (Portobello Road)londra-muri-colorati-8 londra-muri-colorati-notting-hill-portobello londra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-7 londra-porte-colorate-portobello-roadlondra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-10

  • Notting Hill

    londra-muri-colorati-azzurro londra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-3

  • Kensington


  • Princes Gate Mews (just few steps from Victoria&Albert Museum)londra-muri-colorati-5 londra-muri-colorati-rosa

  • Covent Garden

    londra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-2 londra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-5

  • Storefronts in Shepherd Street (Mayfair)londra-porte-colorate-portobello-road-7