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Just over an hour from Milan, near Ivrea, is the Castello di Masino. The perfect day trip to enjoy breathtaking views, nature, art and history.

Il Castello di Masino has more than a thousand years of history and it is surrounded by a 19th century park from where you have marvelous panorama of Ivrea’s Amphitheater Morenico and the majestic Alpine Arch. From here you can see Turin, Valle d’Aosta, Ivrea, rice fields and the Canavese area (the Piedmont territory between Turin and Valle d’Aosta and, from East, Biella and Vercelli).Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-115Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-101Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-103 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-112 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-102Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-114

Are you wondering what the Ivrea’s Morenic Amphitheater is? It is a glacial formation created by the sediment transport during glaciations. It is awesome admire the force of Nature and this is the perfect point view!Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-105

The castle was the ancient residence of the noble family of Count Valperga, descendants of Arduino (955-1014), the first king of Italy. The first fortified nucleus of the year 1000 has been expanded to become a Summer residence in the 18th century. Today you can visit the castle all year round (admission 10 € – free for Fondo Ambiente Italiano members) and you can go through its history admiring magnificent salons, private rooms and precious works of art.
Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-107 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-108 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-109 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-110 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-111

The Castle is surrounded by an amazing park with panoramic terraces where you can find very useful signs that explain to you the landscape. In the Castello di Masino park there even is a labyrinth where to get lost and look for the way out!
It is the ideal place for a day trip from Milan or Turin! The beautiful cafeteria is the perfect place for a picnic in the park!

Here you can find all the information and events to visit the Masino Castle: www.visitfai.it/castellodimasinoCastello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-104Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-116 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-117 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-118 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-119 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-120 Castello-di-Masino-Ivrea-Fondo-Ambiente-Italiano-121

Castello e Parco di Masino
Caravino (Torino)