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Do you know where the first Muji store opened outside Japan? In London, at Liberty department store in Regent Street, unmissable place of the shopping in London.
When? 25 years ago! Right in these days Muji is celebrating 25 years since the first opening outside Japan.
Until November 7, at the Muji store in Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires 36, 25 of the most iconic advertising campaigns of the brand are exhibited.

"Natural - naturally", 1983

“Natural – naturally”, 1983

"Essential quality", 1997

“Essential quality”, 1997

"Back to our origins, into the future", 2003

“Back to our origins, into the future”, 2003


“Let’s take care” 2008


“Love is not an useless ornament”

In these advertising campaigns you can find the spirit of Muji: essential, they bring the Japanese tradition into the future.
Japanese houses are small and minimal, frequently the same room has to change for several functions, so everything has to be tidy! If you want to organize anything you’ll find every tools you need at Muji! Everything in the minimalist Japanese aesthetic. There are no colors at Muji: everything is white, transparent and in natural colors. Even the Muji cleaning supplies are beautiful!
The Japanese are the Scandinavians of Asia!
In this video, you’ll understand perfectly what is Muji:

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Muji was born in Japan in 1980. The first store opened in Tokyo, in Aoyama district, in January 1983. Today there are 414 Muji stores in Japan. Worldwide Muji is present with 344 stores in 25 countries! In Italy the first store opened in Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires, in 2004 and it is now present in Rome, Turin, Bologna and Venice. The full name of Muji is “Mujirushi Ryohin” meaning “no brand, quality products” and this is the Muji commitment: using quality materials, improving the production processes and simple packaging for a better and more functional products. Muji goal is to sell products that bring profits simplicity, beauty and design in everyday life. Their advertising in 2003 said it all: “Back to our origins, into the future”!

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