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Mirrors can create a super helpful optical effect that expands the space reflecting and intensifying the light. They are a perfect idea to decorate even small spaces without weighing down the wall.

When last week I showed you in the Instagram stories the mirrors I bought to create a gallery wall, you loved them so much that I want to show you how my gallery wall inspired by vintage mirrors turned out.
“Inspired” because these are new mirrors that I bought from H&M Home and in vintage style.

I was looking for an idea to decorate the wall just outside the downstair bathroom. The pink quartz background goes very well with the metallic glow of the brass, continuing the mood of the entire home. I wanted creating a small mirrors composition to expand the space and intensify the light.
Of course I could have gone around flea markets and thrift stores looking for original vintage mirrors but it was simpler choose them just “in style” and bought them on-line.

In order to create a balanced gallery wall you have to play with the dimensions: I chose a large mirror, a medium one and a small one with an important frame. Think about the space you have to decide how many items and sizes you need.

To choose the right composition place your mirrors or frames on the ground or on a table, play with them moving and swapping positions, you will find easily the one you like best and in the meantime you can see how space you’ll require.

Once you decided what gallery wall create is time to move on to the action with hammer and nails! To do it easily you can create a template, one like the one I used creating a ceramic gallery in my old kitchen, you can find here the post: How to decorate a wall with plates and ceramics.

Mark the position of each object on a piece of paper, then hanging the sheet on the wall you will have the perfect map of where to put nails!

For my composition I chose a shield mirror that thanks to the metal chain takes the right amount of space without being too prominent, a mirror with pink fringes with which I immediately fell in love and that reminded me of the beautiful fringed mirrors by Lorena Bozzoli and a small round mirror with a radiate frame.

In order to give balance and lighten the composition, I added a small transparent frame, soooo Pinterest, in which I inserted a leaf!

What do you think of the result?