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Why do we hate plastic? In recent years, plastic is the material with the highest negative perception. Plastic is not sustainable, it is stigmatized and people who cares for the planet think it’s the bad guy, but are things really like this?

Professor Kim Ragaert of the University of Ghent held a very interesting speech at the TEDx of the Vlerick Business School in Belgium in which she “defends” plastic demonstrating with data and numbers how often it is the most sustainable solution.

“I’m here to make you doubt and tell you the side of the story that does not get the social media attention”.

Plastic waste is overwhelming us. If we do nothing by the 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Plastic could be the marker for our geological era.

“We are mad to plastic for not degrading into the environment. Metals don’t degrade into the environment but we don’t blame them.”

The problem is that plastic does not disperse on its own in the environment. Plastic is not destroying our world by itself, we have to blame us. Plastic is not even a natural material but a product of man.

Plastic is a resource and therefore should not be thrown away, it should be recovered, recycled and keep it in the materials loop and out of the environment.

Watch the video, you will discover the good side of the plastic, Professor Kim Ragaert tells with scientific data even how much the most hated plastic packaging is useful. She also speaks of glass bottles and paper bags… We can make the difference, we must request, demand that plastic be recycled and not thrown in the environment.

“Be critical. Do not go blindly to war to plastic just because plastic is the most visible waste. Recognize that plastic is a functional and precious resource”.