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Tomorrow, April 22 is the Earth Day, the largest environmental event in the world that promotes the preservation of our planet.

Recycling and waste disposal is one of the major issues for environmental protection. During Fuorisalone one of the most beautiful things was the Bonotto project in collaboration with Miniwiz.

Bonotto is a historical high-fashion fabric company, and in collaboration with Miniwiz, the world leader in post-consumer recycling technology, presented at the Fuorisalone 2017 Gardening the Trash, a Jungle-style arazzo made entirely of recycle plastic bottles.bonotto-fuorisalone-2017-2 bonotto-fuorisalone-2017

The plastic of the bottles is processed and transformed into yarn and transformed into beautiful fabrics.

In the beautiful location of the Fuorisalone, an ancient palace in Via Durini 24, an indoor swimming pool was fill with plastic bottles to make us reflect on the amount of waste produced by a single person in just one month! This was the amount needed to realize one square meter of this magnificent arazzo!fuorisalone-milano-2017bonotto-fuorisalone-2017-4

This collaboration could be a preview of what fabrics and fashion will be in the future?