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“Boiserie” means wooden panels applied to decorate walls. Don’t think of the golden and baroque decorations of Versailles! Boiserie today is no more too classic, it’s a real new trend!

No more extravagant or golden decorations, today the boiserie is minimal, essential frames can immediately give a stylish twist to your home.

Boiserie is also the perfect ally for those who want “mimetic” and space-saving solutions. Wooden panels can hide doors, cabinets, storage spaces, uniforming and hiding everything inside the wall!

The trend today is to simulate the boiserie with frames and decorations in plaster or foam applied directly to walls. When you’ll paint them, you’ll easily have the boiserie effect! A restyling that can be done easily also do-it-yourself.


Historias de Casa – Photo Alessandro Guimarães


Norsu come la foto di copertina

Plaster or polystyrene applications are not the only alternative to the classic wooden boiserie: today the trend is to recreate the boiserie effect with colors. Painting the lower part of the wall in another color helps to proportionate the room (if the ceiling is too high this trick will fix it with an optical effect!). As well it is a very good idea for kids bedrooms where using a washable paint can help with bumps and dirties! For a balanced (and “smart”) effect, always better choose a darker color for the bottom!

It is also a suitable solution for children’s rooms because this will lower the horizon and the ceiling and kids will feel safer and more comfortable!



Maaike Koster, My Deer Art

I would love have boiserie at my home… it will feel like being in Paris! Don’t you think?