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Smart working has brought a new need: buying an office desk chair to work from home.
In particular, if you work like me at the dining table, the usual dining chairs could be very uncomfortable after long hours.

Here you can find 9 home office desk chairs under 300 euros. 9 beautiful desk chairs that can easily turn into dining table seating! Not only “office” chairs, thanks to fabrics, shapes and colors, can also easily integrate with the style of the house.

Långfjäll chairs, Ikea

The main problem of working on dining chairs at home is back pain due to incorrect posture.

For those who work at the computer, the first thing to do is having the monitor under the visual axis so that you can look at it without bend your head and at least an arm away. If the screen is too close, it causes tension in the shoulder and neck area.


I selected 9 chairs with budget between 100 and 300 euros.
Chairs with wheels, armrests, colored or neutral. They all can be transformed also into seats for the dining table, you can work on it and then dine in it without replace it!

Chair with armrests Attesa, Leroy Merlin

€ 109,90

Office Chair Wheels  Fhöt, Sklum

€ 114,95

If you have a (much) higher budget, you can go straight to the source of inspiration with Arper or Vitra!

Office Chair Wheels Cuesto, Maisons du Monde

€ 119,90

Harmrest chair Långfjäll, Ikea

€ 120

Home office desk chair Madina, Kave Home

€ 155

Mariolina chair, Miniforms

€ 251,32 on Archiproducts.com

Leaf chair, Nidi

€ 283 on Mohd.com

About A Chair 10, Hay

€ 299 on Designrepublic.com

Balans Chair, Varier

Here all postural advice is overturned by a revolutionary ergonomic position. This is the chair I use, the one where I work all day. I already told you about it here.
Available in different colors and finishes.

From € 299

Bahia chair, Calligaris

€ 304