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Italy is on lockdown. Authorities asked to everyone to stay at home and be responsible for us and for the others, because let’s remember, we are “the others” for “the others”.

Staying at home does not mean staying still. Fear must not immobilize us, we must react, change momentarily – this adverb will give us strength! – our daily lives.

This is what means to me #MilanoNonSiFerma (Milan doesn’t stop, the hashtag spread out last week). Non significa Milan doesn’t care or Milan doesn’t give a shit, it means that Milan does not let itself be stopped by fear, we can do things in a new way: we can work from home or stay at home doing things. The Editor in Chief of CasaFacile Francesca Magni said it very well “They don’t ask us to stop, but to go on standing still”. This is the meaning of these days in “isolation” for me.

Those who are luckier can do smartworking – although I am sure that many moms who are working from home are not so enthusiastic about schools closed feat smartworking! Others are still working at the office respecting safety instructions, Unfortunately,  others are simply at home because shops and facilities are closed. What to do at home?

Certainly don’t stand still! There are tons of things we can do!
One thing in particular that I love: making lists! Let’s take out that notebook that we don’t dare to use (I have a varied choice from my h-u-g-e-b-o-x of beautiful notebooks. I have to admit: I have a problem with stationery!) and use it with a nice list of things to do and resolutions!

You can make lists for everything: things to do, maintenance jobs to do at home, books to read, online courses to attend, things we want to learn, movies and TV series to watch, things we would like to change in our lives, balance sheets on working life, travel dreams…

Lists can help you to make order inside your head and give you a positive feeling of activity. Making lists make you feel doing useful things and being productive.

We will spend a lot of time at home, take a look around, it’s time to decide what to hang on that empty wall that is still waiting for something to complete it, it’s time to think about what plants we want on the balcony, that carpet that we would like but that we never really started to look for?

I have already started my list of things that I would like to buy for the home: I “need” a tray for the sink, a round mirror for the bathroom, shelves in the bedroom…

I also have a list of things I would like to do during these days: design my son’s bedroom, learn how to use Google Analytics, organize the closets, tidy up the TV cabinet, do yogaahahahaha (I know, I don’t believe it either), organize the library, tidy up the pots’ drawer, cleaning the balcony, take care of the plants… I could go on for months!

Make your lists. But be careful: we make lists to be ready and to know what we want when the time will be right. Authorities are asking us to stay at home, have we thought about the safety of those who have to work delivering at our home what we buy on-line? Let’s stay at home and choose home deliveries for the things that really matters.

And what to make children do? Let’s make them list too! Of course this proposal can only involve the older ones, but try to challenge them to make the list of their favorite superpowers, the strongest super heroes, the funniest games, the most beautiful or ugliest books, their favorite TV shows, the animals they would like to have, let’s make them prepare an early letter to Santa Claus… you can play this game too, you will have many tons of funny things to share with friends!