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Beaches are always crowded during summer but this year, with physical distancing measures, will be tricky find a suitable spot in the sun.

Ludovica Aringhieri, Bianca Cartacci, Carlotta di Sandro, Federica Frino are the four young Tuscan architects behind the Isola.ti project. Newly graduated from the University of Florence, they did not allow themselves to be discouraged by the difficult situation, they reacted with creativity to the Covid emergency with a “floating” idea! 

“During this lockdown, we have thought a lot about how we could actively contribute to the emergency. The idea tries to respond positively and provocatively to a situation of undeniable unease: we strongly believe that architecture can generate beauty, opportunity and, above all, simple solutions to complex situations” Ludovica Aringhieri

What could be more appropriate to isolation than an island?

Also on the beaches there will be social distancing measures, this regulation will reduce space. How to recover lost space on the beach?
Isola.ti is a floating system, 3×3 meters anchored to the seabed and accessible by small boats or just walking in low water.

The floating system is provided by recycled plastic cubes. Isola.ti has three types: from the simple platform to those furnished with sunbeds and armchair, full and shady comfort. Furnishings are integrated into the platform, all the surfaces are designed as waterproof and sanitizable.

The floating platforms are designed as a modular system and easily rearranged, this will allow them to reinvent their shapes and, when the emergency will be over, they could be transformed with other functions.

They were first conceived for the beaches, but the project can also adapt to other difficult-to-access natural situations, such as cliffs or more complex coasts, and can also be installed in lakes.

“This is the time to create simple things. The trick is the change of perspective: think of isolation as an occasion”

At the moment Isola.ti is just a project, not yet in production but, in my opinion, it will not remain a theoretical project for much longer!
Big good luck to the girls! Brave!