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I have lost count of the quarantine days, spending time indoors at home only increases the desire to go out and travel.
We still don’t know for sure what could we do this summer, I dream of going to the beach. While we wait to know if we can really go to the beach, we can travel from the sofa.

We can have virtual tours of museums, cities and natural parks, and also enjoy moments of relax from the sofa smelling the scent of the sea, the orange blossoms of Sicily, the fragrance of Scandinavian woods… how can we do it? Choosing candles and home fragrances inspired by the most beautiful cities and places around the world.

In this historical moment the house is embodying a safe space, more then ever it is important to feel comfortable living in a warm and relaxing home. Fragrances can help us a lot!

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. We all have an “olfactory memory” thanks to our brain that classifies perfumes and fragrances. This type of memory allows us to bring back memories and live again moments and emotions through perfumes.
We can choose the aroma of a city or a place to which we are particularly attached or that we would like to visit soon.

The legendary candles by Astier de Villatte have an incredible selection of cities. I love them all!

It is very interesting how they studied and selected fragrances that describe the essence of a place. Bergamot, lemon, fig and cedar for the Capri perfume; roses for the French Riviera and lavender for Provence; mandarin, orange blossom, neroli and sandalwood for Portofino; cypress, musk and cedar for Miami…

For those who want to stay in Italy there are fragrances from Sicily to Sardinia via Portofino, Capri and Umbria.

Otherwise if you want more exotic destinations, you can go from Tokyo to Miami going through Tahiti, Morocco, Provence, Paris, Scandinavia and London: