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Candles are a very important detail to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere at home, during Christmas time they become even more important.

Lately candles and couch are becoming my personal treat in the late afternoon for a little relaxing time during my free moments. Now tree lights and the Christmas playlist are adding a magical touch to the house.

This year I’ve chosen a special Advent calendar: a candle with the countdown print on it that will carry us during to Christmas. Every day we’ll light it up for a few hours to consume it little by little to the 25th!

You can easily find Advent candles among Christmas decorations, mine is from Zodio. There are also stickers to apply on candles to turn your favorites into Advent calendars:

Candle stickers by Bloomingville

I realized that I have lots of candles but no candle holders, especially for a single candle. I could certainly choose a creative reuse using a glass bottle or something else (we’ll talk about this soon!) but this time I wanted a candle holder of design so I did my research and here are my 41 (I did very well my research, eh ?!) favorite candle holders for any style and budget, starting from 2,99 euros!

Ceramic, concrete, metal, wood, brass… even hanging, minimal or overdecorated. Look at here, you have just to choose your favorite (it could be a perfect gift idea too!)

Hay €25

Hay €35

Ikea €6,99 3 pezzi

Granit € 139

Muuto da Design Republic €35

Muuto da Design Republic €29

H&M Home €9,99

FermLiving €129

POV su Finnish Design Shop €69,95

1. Vij5 €59,95 – 2. Oyoy – 3. H&M Home €14,99 – 4. Offiseria su Buru Buru €25 – 5. House Doctor – 6. e 7. Bloomingville – 8. Georg Jensen su Finnish Design Shop €99 – 9. e 10. Bloomingville – 11. House Doctor – 12. Bloomingville – 13. Nalata Nalata €46,22 – 14. Marks&Spencer €50,95 – 15. FermLiving €129 – 16. Merci €4,90 – 17. Normann Copenhagen da €20 – 18. Ikea €7,99 – 19. Diptyque €124,55 – 20. Tom Dixon €113,23 – 21. Bitossi su Buru Buru €8,45 – 22. Nalata Nalata €25,21 – 23. Ikea €2,99

Do you want to know which candle holder I chose for my Advent candle? Actually, I took two, you already know my recent passion for brass so I couldn’t resist to the minimal brass candle holder by Ferm Living and then I also bought the set of 3 by Ikea, I love the black version! And what is your favorite?