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When we talk about handmade gifts we immediately think of our girl friends gift. But why always women? And our male friends?
Here’s an idea to turn a package into a double gift!

CasaFacile asked me and other two bloggers a creative idea to reuse Bottega Verde Christmas packs. I’m in good company with my Camilla friends of La Tazzina Blu and Anabella of My washi tape. Let’s get started right away!

Here is a special gift idea: shower soap-shampoo and perfume in a special box, a wooden box with plexiglass sliding lid.

This is the surprise: the package becomes a second gift! Once the products are gone, the box becomes a useful item for everyday use. For a masculine gift, what do you think to propose a creative reuse and transform it into a mini-toolbox?

How to turn the wooden box into a DIY toolbox:

Cut a piece of the paper you like, you can use wallpaper as well as a simple gift card. Use vinyl glue (be careful if the paper is too thin you will risk having a wrinkle result) or double-sided tape (much more easy to use) to glue the paper to the bottom of the box.

It’s time to add some accessories: use little cable fixer (genius idea!) and glue them with hot glue. You can create the most useful configuration for you depending on the tools you use most often. Now you can hang the toolbox or place it wherever you want!

Print these DIY recycling instructions and add them to the gift box, you’ll give a great suggestion to the person who will receive the gift and he will have a double gift turning the wooden package into something more!

Blogpost in collaboration with CasaFacile and Bottega Verde