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Textile design is great part of Italian cultural tradition. In Italy there are some of the most prestigious and famous textile districts in the world such as the Como lake area renowned for silk and prints, Biella is famous for the wool manufacturing.

Textile industry has always been deeply rooted in the local territory, for this reason a true national culture has never developed.

We also talked about this during the Instagram direct with the textile & surface designer Silvia Stella Osella, you can read it as an interview here.

This local stories are the reason why in Italy is not easy to find courses about textile design and why they are located in the areas where the textile industry is stronger, also due to the close relationship between companies and schools.
We should also say that while abroad, textile design is an independent and well known discipline, often in Italy it is brought together in the fashion studies.

8 textile & surface design courses in Italy

There are several kind of courses: three-years undergraduate courses (First Level Academic Diploma), postgraduate and master courses and also short and intensive programs.
These courses I’ve found are all located in the Milan area, Biella and Como.

Undergraduate Courses

Technical Specialization in Product, Development and Design
Istituto Tecnico Superiore TAM – Tessile Abbigliamento Moda Biella

Two years undergraduate courses combining aesthetics, trends and creativity with the technical, functional and economical aspects of the product. The course also includes an internship in a textile company.

Fashion Textile Design
Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli – IED Network, Como

Como is the center of one of the most renowned textile districts in the world for silk and fabric printing. The three years course is a First Level Academic Diploma.
Starting date: October 2020.

Fashion Design
Politecnico, Milano Bovisa

Three-years fashion course dedicated to manufacturing, materials, technologies and processes.

Postgraduate courses/master

Surface & Textile Designer
Istituto Marangoni, Milan

Postgraduate course for those who already have experience in design or textiles. Career opportunities: textile/materials designer, pattern maker, style consultant, trend researcher/forecaster.
October 2020 – June 2021.
Fee € 22.000.

Fiber Design and Textile Processes
Poli.Design, Milano and Biella

The Specializing Master was created and launched by the School of Design and the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano and Città Studi Biella, 848 hours, internship included.

The aim of the course is to know and understand the evolution of Italian textile research and the continuous innovative experimentation that companies develop into the most traditional sectors of Made in Italy.
Fee € 12.000.

Fashion and Textile Design
Naba, Milano

The Two-Year MA in Fashion & Textile Design is an intensive specialization course based on the development of practical projects.

Short courses

Textile Design: Trend Forecast, Painting and Printing
Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli – IED Network, Como

Two weeks summer course in English in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Como, an overview of the textile industry, with a particular focus on the fashion field, including the basics of fabrics, fibers, and techniques, while highlighting the important historical context and cultural influence.

This course is open to high school graduates in artistic disciplines or fashion field, as well as university students from related fields.
Starting date: April 2021

Tecnologia Tessile Innovativa
Naba, Milano

This course is just in Italian. 35 hours, one day a week, evening hours. A short course to learn emerging trends and textile innovations through a product analysis and a careful study of fibers, yarns, leathers and fabrics.

No training experiences requested.
14 October 2020 – 3 March 2021
Fee 700€


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