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I bet you also have those mismatched plates from flea markets or family memories inherited from grandmothers and aunts.
They are beautiful!
Set a table with mismatched plates is a wonderful creative idea but is quite difficult do it in a harmonious way.

I have a soft spot for plates, especially for dessert plates, I have so many of them. Recently I have also recovered some very beautiful ones from my mother-in-law and I came up with the idea of using them to set a “mismatched” table adding to them a decorative touch with a very simple DIY.

I just used a porcelain black marker and I draw some nice capital letter. I choose a very linear and simple font but if you are good in calligraphy, go for it!
My idea is use these beautiful mismatched plates as very nice seating cards. They also will be a very special gift for your guests.

Porcelain marker are very easy to use, you just have to let decorations dry for 4 hours and bake plates for 30 minutes at 160° in a non pre-heated oven. After this treatment you’ll be still able to wash plates in the dishwasher up to 50°. 

Have fun with the decorations: not only letters, you can also draw something, let the original plate decoration interacts with your drawing.
In this way you will get a nice effect that will give depth to the decoration!

You can also transform your collection of mismatched plates hanging them to the wall, the letters can combine a nice and funny words.

You can find the whole step by step tutorial on the Curver blog.


Blog post in collaboration with Curver.