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I love it. Maybe this is my DIY masterpiece. My grandmother’s dresser makeover, an easy DIY project but the result fills me with joy.
I was terrified of irreparably ruining the dresser that has accompanied my grandmother for over 60 years.

It’s a tall seven drawers dresser, one drawer for every day of the week where you can put everything you need daily. This kind of dressers have their origin in France in the mid-1700s.
My grandmother’s dresser is from the 50s, she bought when she got married and it has always been in her bedroom ever since.

Now it’s in my bedroom, I really liked the idea of having that piece that reminds me so much of my grandmother close to me and I want to continue to use it as she did.
I tried to make it more modern to fit better with my bedroom decoration. It was a simple DIY makeover: I painted it in the same sage green as the wall, I covered the fronts of the drawers with some adhesive paper quite Art Deco style, I changed the knobs and I covered the inside of the drawers with some decorative paper.

I am suuuuper happy of my “new” dresser! It has a new look but it still carries all the memories!

You can find the entire step by step DIY tutorial on the Curver blog.


Blog post in collaboration with Curver.