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When I replaced my summer clothes with winter clothes in my wardrobe I’ve found an old sweater that I am very fond of all ruined by moths but then I had an idea: I wouldn’t have done trying to fix it with “camouflage” stitches but rather, I would have tried something that will transform it entirely!

I had at home carded wool (bought years ago at the Abilmente fair in Vicenza), I had never tried this technique but armed with a mat needle in few minutes I transformed the old sweater with 3D polka dots!


This is what you need:
mat needle
carded wool
sponge (it will work fine even a simple kitchen sponge)

You should work on the back but to get (in a quick way) the 3D effect I worked from the right side of the sweater. To decorate the sweater with polka dots it’s important to distribute them randomly but homogeneously, would you like to hear a trick? Wear the sweater and looking at the mirror distributed the polka dots marking the positions with small pieces of paper scotch, they will guide you easily during the work.

Just place a little of carded wool where you want to create the decoration and then fix it with the help of the mat needle that will “tie” the carded wool with the sweater.

With this technique you can create decorations of any shape, the carded wool can be hand-woven easily and allows you to play with colors, thicknesses and shades.

I’m super excited about my new/old sweater!