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Space has always been a great fascination for mankind and I am definitely among the space lovers.
Here I collected 25 gift ideas for people like me who are fascinated by planets and space travels, not just for grown-ups, but also for kids!

Solar system coat hook, Suck UK €49

I love this skirt by Anthropologie, €324

For the kids’ room: duvet cover by Snurk, € 59,95

Lunar night light, Amazon €7,45

Galaxy dinner set, Love Mae su Love The Sign €36,95

NASA has a beautiful shop online where you can find the most iconic (and weird) gadgets:

Cap €16,94Space food! €4,20

Space Shuttle models, starting from €97,65Space missions patches and pins, starting from €4,88

Children’s suits to play astronauts! If only there were also for adults…!! Starting from €27,99

Jetpack backpack, Suck UK €42

Astronaut lamp, Goodnight Light €124

Lego Space Shuttle model, eBay €99

Seletti has an entire collection created in collaboration with Diesel Living dedicated to space:
Salt/pepper Seletti Diesel Living starting from €89

Solar System dishes Seletti/Diesel Living from €22

Coffee set Seletti/Diesel Living €69
Astronaut vase, Seletti/Diesel Living €68

Space t-shirt (unfortunately just for kids), H&M €7,99 Rocket moon wall clock, Suck UK €35 Space wallpaper, Murals Wallpaper €31/mqYou can create your own Star Map as gift or celebration for a special day! The Night SkyYou can also name a star with the name of the person you want! Global Stars Register, from €29,90

Waiting for the new Urban Outfitters store in MilanBomber Nasa, Urban Outfitters €169 Moon lamp, Urban Outfitters €28,88 Long sleeve t-shirt Nasa, Urban Outfitters €33 Celestial tapestry, Urban Outfitters €33,13 Pom-pom beanie, Urban Outfitters €20,39