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The most difficult jigsaw puzzles, almost impossible!

Someone says they are anti-stress and meditation activity, certainly for some others puzzle are also the fastest way to get a nervous breakdown…

A complex puzzle exercises patience, helps to clear your mind, if you can take it as a relaxed activity,  when you finally find the matching pieces it’s a great satisfaction!
When I was a child I was crazy about puzzles, I was really good, perhaps it is also thanks to all the exercise I did that I developed a great attention to details and an excellent photographic memory.

Difficult jigsaw puzzles are perfect to kill time and exercise zen patience!

What when you’ll finish the puzzle? You can frame it, for some puzzles you can also rolled them up, otherwise you can treat it as a Tibetan mandala… once finished you’ll destroy it and start it again! Zen attitude.

For those with children at home: you’ll may have the need to find a safe place where you can do the puzzle away from dangerous little hands… if you don’t have a bunker room, you could do the puzzle on a tray so you can move it quickly on wardrobes or very high shelves!

Gift ideas: these puzzles are perfect gifts for friends and relatives and of course for yourself, they are cheap and you can easily buy them all online!

23 very difficult and beautiful jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles for architecture enthusiasts

This is the simplest puzzle of the selection but it hides a deep meaning: that is one of the architectures of The site of reversible destiny – Yoro Park, a very particular Japanese theme park all about the unexpected that confuses the visitor and pushes him to rethink himself and his own perceptions. The creators of the park are the artists/architects Shūsaku Arakawa and his wife Madeline Gins who developed a sort of theory that architecture could counteract the aging of the human beings and delay their death.
Illustration by Australian artist Charlie Bennell.
Once the puzzle will be finished, frame it,  it will be beautiful on the wall!

Jigsaw puzzles for art enthusiast

Puzzles from paintings from the MOMA, art patterns and illustrations. Framed, they will be a beautiful addition to your gallery wall and will remind you the puzzle-challenge!

Colorful jigsaw puzzles

This is my favorite. I absolutely want it, but I must first find the right place to keep it safe from my little toddler in order to avoid hysterical crisis!

Really impossible jigsaw puzzles

Monochrome, colored, round shape, geometric, optical, 3D, transparent puzzles… these are the most difficult puzzles of the blog post!

Jigsaw puzzles for plant enthusiasts

Botanical-themed illustrations or photographs: beautiful puzzles with tropical leaves, flowers and succulents.

Jigsaw puzzles from… above!

You can exercise in geography with the Earth puzzle or get to the Moon! These beautiful puzzles are among my favorites! Unfortunately they are sold out but you can preorder!

Gray Malin’s photographs (I already wrote about them here) have become wallpapers, gift wrapping paper and even puzzles… super difficult and double sided, two puzzles in one!

Funny jigsaw puzzles (if you are not dieting)

These are much simpler and small size than the other puzzles in the selection but certainly the most fun!

On-line jigsaw puzzles

You can also play on-line with thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free on I’m a puzzle. You can also try the jigsaw puzzle maker that allows you to upload any image or photo that you like and try to solve it!

After this blog post, I really want to go back and challenge myself with a really impossible jigsaw puzzle!