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Are you looking for a gift idea for those who love flowers, plants and gardens? You can find here 18 books about green with so beautiful cover that you have to use them for décor!

I love receiving books as gifts and browsing pages in the late Christmas afternoon. And what about you?

Greenterior. Plant-loving creatives and their homes – € 45,56

greenterior_def_lr_cover_rgb greenterior_spreads_11c

Living Roofs – € 42,42

living roofs

Atmosfere in verde nel mondo, Satoshi Kawamoto – € 17atmosfere in verdeBotanical Style – € 21,05

Bunch Up! A step by step guide for budding florist, Irene Cuzzaniti – € 33


Evergreen. Living with plants – € 45evergreen_cover_rgb

Gardens are for Living. Design Inspiration for outdoor spaces, Judy Kameon – € 7,28


Herbarium – € 17,85herbarium herbarium-poppy-web

House of plants. Living with succulents, air plants and cacti – € 32house-of-plantsIl più grande spettacolo del mondo, Richard Mabey – € 19,55


Indoor Green. Living with plantsindoorgreen_cover_sml_1024x1024

mr_kitly_06-1240x800 Loose Leaf. Plants-flowers-projects-inspiration, Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler (Australian floral designer, follow them on Instagram @looseleaf_ you’ll love their installations!) – € 31,76loose-leaf

My tiny Garden. Stylish ideas for small spaces, Lucy Scott –  € 10,91


My tiny indoor garden. Houseplant havens in small spaces, Lia Leendertz – € 8

Teeny tiny gardening, Emma Hardy – € 17,97teeny-tiny-gardening

The winter garden, Emma Hardy –  € 15,78the-winter-garden-9781782492382_hr Tree houses. Fairy tale castles in the air, Philip Jodido – € 42,49

Urban Jungle. Living and styling with plants, Igor Josifovic e Judith De Graaff, the creators of Urban Jungle! – € 39urban-jungle-bloggers-book-living-and-styling-with-plants-the-future-kept-new