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Today is a very important day, the day I’m waiting since 9 years, 5 months and 16 days: today the Gilmore Girls are coming back!

4 episodes, 90 minutes each, released all together today on Netflix! Expectations are very high! The risk is incalculable… in a few minutes they could ruin the perfect serie (Lorelai’s botox launches the first negative signal)!
I’m a big fan of the serie since the first hour, a real enthusiastic, I would say an expert! Everyone has always told me that I am absolutely Rory and my mom Lorelai, we are the Gilmore girls… I had serious identity crisis: “it happened to me or to Rory?” “What would Rory do?” … And now here we are, 9 years after they come back!

How are you going to watch the 4 new episodes? I’m going to watch them all in one breath almost certainly! 45b605f21689d5e0a11aacbe1fb61195gilmore-girls-a-year-in-the-life gilmoregirls_hzka_us_pre

Here you will find 16 gift ideas for real Gilmore Girls enthusiasts!

You know, there is no Gilmore girl without coffee!
Thermos – Etsy € 20,29

We all dreamed of living in Stars Hollow! The legend says that Amy Sherman-Palladino, Gilmore Girls producer and scriptwriter, created it inspired by Washington Depot, a small town in Connecticut… This Summer, during our trip on the East Coast we went to Washington Depot but let’s say that’s not really easy to recognize Stars Hollow: no gazebo, no green square, no Luke’s diner. The “real” Stars Hollow is in Los Angeles studios (I do not understand how they dare to use it for Pretty Little Liars too).
Poster – Etsy € 14,53


Poster – Etsy € 16,95


Poster – Stars Hollow gazebo, Etsy € 5,42


Gilmore girls soundtrack, just amazing! € 19,66gilmore-girls-soundtrack

Dragon Fly Inn mug – Etsy € 12


Gilmore Girls coloring book – Etsy € 6,30


The perfect tote bag: the one from Doose’s market! – Café press $ 14,95gilmore-girls-dooses-market

Perfect mother/daughter mugs – Etsy € 16,76gilmore-girls-mug

Lauren Graham “Talking as fast as I can. From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and everything in between” € 15,79


37, Maple Street: Lorelai’s home map, Etsy € 19,36


Anything from Yale University! gilmore-girls-yale-university

“In Omnia Paratus” from my favorite episode ever! Etsy € 16,95gilmore-girls-quote

Stars Hollow Papercut card – Etsy € 2,11gilmore-girls-stars-hollow-merchandise

Luke’s diner t-shirt – Etsy € 9,68gilmore-girls-t-shirt

The complete serie, a classic must have! € 79,84gilmore-girls-serie una-mamma-per-amica-cofanetto

Are you wondering what tema am I? #teamLogan!
What Gilmore Girls meant for you? Which are your expectations for this new serie?