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Our home has two floors connected by a white metal staircase, drawing the staircase was the first project we made when we bought the home. The modular wooden staircase was too much mountain mood for us, we wanted something more modern and minimal.

White wall, white staircase, I was trying to “camouflage” it, making it less visible. During a rainy afternoon, I had an idea: decorate it with geometries and colors! A kind of experiment, paints always stop me, the best and easiest way to do it was to choose washi tape from my big collection.

Washi tapes arrive from Japan, they are masking tapes in rice paper, they are repositionable and removable, they don’t ruin walls and surfaces.

Super easy diy project, I picked colors and then began to decorate the staircase by creating lines and pattern. I used regular washi tape and some in the maxi size from the home collection. There are even larger sizes with which you can cover entire floors!

Have you ever decorated some furniture or walls with washi tape? They are easy to use, repositionable and removable (try the original mt, you’ll immediately notice the quality!).

The final touch? Some polka dots, nothing simpler, they are already cut. This is what washi tape means: creativity, fun with colors, improvisation and fantasy!

Do you like washi tape or would you like to discover their world? I can only suggest you follow Anabella, the queen of the washi tape, and her My Washi Tape blog!
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