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Diana Beltran Herrera is a Colombian artist, discovering her works for me was love at first sight. Diana creates paper sculptures inspired by nature: mushrooms, butterflies, birds, flowers… she creates them starting from scientific studies and realizes magnificent unique pieces.

The accuracy with which Diana reproduces colors and shapes of Nature is really touching and blows my mind. Her 3D sculptures have been exhibited in art galleries in Europe, Asia and America.
Currently Diana Beltran Herrera lives in Bristol, England, working on projects always dedicated to Nature and her creativity never stops.

Are you in love with her beautiful creations like me? Diana sells her artworks, unique pieces, but she also sells these beautiful photographic prints on colored backgrounds (starting at € 72). A gift idea for Christmas!

Listen carefully, this is a super news: Diana works with Oh My God Florence, a Florence-based studio founded by Maria Camila Cepeda, also Colombian, who organizes events and workshops. Keep an eye on their calendar, you might be lucky and join a workshop right with Diana Beltran Herrera!

Photo Diana Beltran Herrera