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Paulina Bartnik is a Polish artist, a real master of embroidery.

Her works seem to be painted more than embroidered, Paulina uses the needle in the same way of a brush. This technique is called “needle painting”… for me it’s a sort of magic!
Her brooches are inspired by nature, the internet went crazy for them!

Paulina realizes her creations mixing the felt and embroidery technique: she makes the shape from a piece of wool with the dry felting technique. Then she applies colours and embroideries details. This is the secret behind her 3D brooches!

You can read here an interview to Paulina Bartnik and follow her on Instagram: @paulina.bart

Unfortunately at the moment Paulina has suspended the production of her magnificent pins and she no longer accepts orders (she used to sell them on Etsy), as a real artist she can not stop too long on a single project, she is working on something new, I can not wait to find out what it is!


Photo Paulina Bartnik